Monday Earworm: Rush

I love this song. I think I might actually like the studio version better than this live one, but this live one is still pretty great.

My relationship with Rush is tangential and hardly worth fangirl status. Several of my friends in college loved them, and so I started listening to them as well, and while I’m hardly well versed in their entire discography, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a song of theirs I didn’t like. Concept albums really appeal to me as well, so there’s that.

This song always reminds me of my students, especially my seniors, whose potential stretches out before them like an ocean. It also, oddly, reminds me of Justin Trudeau. Not really sure why. Maybe because he’s making a very good case for being the leader of the free world now that the U.S. has clearly relinquished that position? (And sorry, Angela Merkel, you’re otherwise kind of awesome, but no one who doesn’t support same-sex marriage can be the leader of the free world in the 21st Century, so.)

Okay, political rant over. Please to enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: Rush

  1. Mo

    Nice 🙂 I have a similar relationship with Rush. Perhaps because they have been around so long and I never really listened to them until HS. And even then, it was that one radio song they always play. Despite being a musician and appreciating any good music, I have never taken the time to listen to much else of their library. Thanks for sharing this live version. I love that headless bass he is playing.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been thinking I should just sit and listen to a whole album instead of doing it piecemeal, song by song here and there. No doubt I would enjoy them even more.

      But also? That guy is the best drummer in the world.


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