Monday Earworm: The Muppets Karaoke

Okay, I’ll be honest, I love The Muppets. I have since I was a child. Miss Piggy in particular was my hero: I loved her glamour and piquant fabulosity.

Although it had a rocky pilot, I really enjoyed The Muppets reboot a couple of years ago. It had only two seasons, unfortunately, but I thought it was genuinely entertaining. And Miss Piggy, in all her marvelousness, reflected the concerns of a modern woman who had loved and lost, had chosen career over family, and had never truly found balance but couldn’t forget the audience she yet had to satisfy.

Even though it doesn’t necessarily deal with all that deep Piggy stuff I just mentioned, this is one of my very favorite scenes from the recent series.

You are welcome.

Monday Earworm: Michael Jackson, But Not Really

I had several ideas of what to present for today’s earworm, and I think I’ve settled on this really weird one. It’s a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” which is a great song. Normally I’d go for the Alien Ant Farm cover, because it’s so much fun and because the video has a veritable slew of excellent references to Michael Jackson’s career, but instead, I’m just going to leave this here and allow you to make of it what you will.