Monday Earworm: Eartha Kitt

I’ve been visiting New York City off and on the last few days. It’s been a good vacation, but I think I’ve had enough of Manhattan for a while. That is one more crowded city.

So here, enjoy this gem from the amazing and gorgeous and talented Eartha Kitt, who was incidentally also my first (and possibly still my favorite) Catwoman.


Whom I’ve Been Reading: Marissa Doyle

The summer isn’t over yet, and if you’re scrambling around trying to find something else to read before August and/or the school year settle in upon you, allow me to make a couple of recommendations…

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Monday Earworm: Thomas Dolby

English musician Thomas Dolby is probably best known here for his hit “She Blinded Me With Science” — and, as a result, probably best known by people in my age demographic. However, as excellent as that song is, his work definitely deserves a closer look.

His album Retrospectacle, a greatest hits compilation, was one of my favorites during my college years, and even now, it holds up beautifully. His work afterward seemed to be largely in the sphere of soundtracks, particularly for video games.

Here’s just a taste of his brilliance. “Budapest By Blimp” is a mellow song and can be enjoyed even if you aren’t paying attention to its lyrics, but the story in the song really opens it up. If you read the first comment after the video, you’ll see the text of a blog post wherein a teacher wrote to Dolby requesting more information about the song’s genesis and Dolby’s incredibly thoughtful response. It’s well worth reading.

Monday Earworm: Babymetal (And Also An Event Tomorrow Night)

Hey there. I thought about giving you a true Monday earworm today, but I think I’m just going to share something completely weird with you instead. I don’t know that this will get stuck in your head, but I’m confident you won’t be able to turn away.

I present to you: Babymetal and their amazing hit “Gimme Chocolate!!” No lie.

If you want the English translation to the lyrics of this song, click here, but I think the video works well even without knowing it. Maybe better.

For something far less extreme, tomorrow evening I’ll be speaking on a panel about YA literature and writing at the Pearland Westside Public Library with fellow authors Adam Holt, Martine Lewis, and D. Marie Prokop. We’ll also be selling books. It would be lovely to see you there!

Monday Earworm: The Breeders

Veruca Salt keeps popping up in my iPod playlist. Usually “Forsythia” or “Seether,” both of which are great, but which didn’t really grab me for today’s blog post for some reason. So instead, please enjoy this fabulous little ditty from around the same era. Here are The Breeders with “Cannonball” from their very wonderful album Last Splash.