What I’ve Been Reading: Student Edition

I asked all the students in my sophomore English classes to recommend a book they’d read for pleasure — one not assigned for school — in the last five years. It had to be a book they liked enough to recommend it to someone — in particular, their classmates, as we embarked on the new free choice reading unit in my curriculum.

Here’s what they came up with! Any books here you’re interested in? Any you’ve read? Please leave a comment below.


sophomore recommendations 2016


P.S. — The subtext of this post (and its chronological distance from the last one) should indicate to you I’ve been really busy getting the new school year off the ground. You would be correct in that assumption.

P.P.S. — I shamelessly gathered the inspiration for this post from John Scalzi’s New Books and ARCs posts, which I find interesting, that he puts on his own blog Whatever, which I find marvelous. I hope he doesn’t mind.

7 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: Student Edition

  1. Rewatched A Clockwork Orange just recently but, admittedly, haven’t read the book. I’ve read several others up there though – Ender’s Shadow stands out mostly because I found it a better book than Ender’s Game in a lot of ways.

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    1. What did you like better about Shadow than Game?

      I read and enjoyed all the Ender books and only Shadow of the concurrent series. (I just got busy with other things, though — namely teaching high school full-time; it wasn’t for lack of enjoyment.)

      For what it’s worth, I felt like the Ender books deteriorated a bit after the third one. CHILDREN OF THE MIND seemed to be all over the place, at least when I was reading it (a long, long time ago in what feels like a galaxy far, far away…)


      1. You know me, I like off-beat POVs. Getting the story from the kid who was “almost” the “one” is always more interesting IMO. Plus, Bean had a more intriguing backstory than Ender and felt like a more fleshed our character than Ender.

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