Electric Car Diaries: The Inspection

So I’ve had my Nissan Leaf for about two years now, and since it was new when I acquired it, I had two years before I needed an inspection. Time is up, and today I got that inspection.

I don’t have anything new to report on the maintenance of the car beyond what you already know from my previous five entries. I still love this car. The only downsides remain my inability to take it on road trips and the fact that my kids make the backseat a mess on a regular basis — though the latter would be the case regardless of what kind of car I drove, of course.

Today I took it to a mechanic for the vehicle inspection, which could be done anywhere that does inspections. (In other words, no special technician needed.) The inspection took TEN minutes. And the cost? SEVEN DOLLARS. That’s right. SEVEN. No emissions, so, there.


I love this car.

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