Fantasy Vacations

In what for me is something of an experimental form — though it’s common practice for some writers, perhaps — I decided to write a very short story on Twitter in a series of linked tweets. I let people be aware of it over on Facebook, and a compilation of said tweets was requested so it would be easier to follow. So here it is.


#1: That place in where you can go and play with legit . I suggested this to my husband. His response?


#1: He said, “I’m going to say this only once. Wolves are never safe to play with. Never.”

Not sure I’m buying it, though.


#2: Someplace relaxing and mild with beautiful flowers and warmish water to swim in, where I can wear caftans and…


#2: …pretend I’m living in a Soft Surroundings catalog.

His response: “Apparently their marketing works. No caftans.”


#3: So how about this? Let’s go someplace and live in a castle for a week. Drink tea. Have fancy dinners. Pretend I’m…


#3: …living at . I like this a lot. Does this make me terrible?

His response: “Um, servants. Who are you?”


#4: How about the Scottish Highlands?

His response: “No.”

Iceland? Him: “No.”

France? “The fastest nope that ever noped.”


#5: The wolves aren’t sounding so bad anymore, are they?

His response: *facepalm*

He’s so cute. 🙂



If you want to see more flash fiction like this in the future, but in Twitter-realtime (whatever that might mean), go on over there and follow me; my handle is @AngeliqueJamail. I don’t send out a lot of tweets, usually, so your feed won’t get flooded if you pile on.




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