Call for Poetry Submissions

Last April, for National Poetry Month, I decided to feature a different poet (and poem) every day for thirty days. This series was wildly popular, and it made me really happy to be able to feature so many poets whom I knew among the thirty, including both seasoned, established writers and promising up-and-comers. You can find the first poem here and then just follow the daily links to the whole month of poetry.

I’d like to run this series again this year, but instead of coming up with the idea literally on April 1st and putting the whole series together in a few days, I want to curate the list from a wider spectrum and have more time to do it.

SO I’m announcing here today a call for poetry submissions! If you’d like to have your work considered for my National Poetry Month Poet-a-Day series, then please email me at with “Poet-a-Day series” in the subject line. (Please do this so your email doesn’t get lost in my crowded inbox.) Give me a brief bio of yourself (75-100 words or shorter) and submit up to five poems. Response time will be no later than April (obviously). The deadline to be considered for this year’s series is March 15th.

And do please spread the word about this opportunity. Thank you!

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