12 Days of Christmas Music That Doesn’t Suck, 2014 Edition (Day 5)

If you’re wondering why I’m posting two a day this weekend, go back and see the opening of Day 4 for an explanation. (Another benefit is this allows me to reach both the morning and evening readers.)

A whole lot of really entertaining song parodies have come across my desktop this year. Weird Al’s latest album — a real award winner this time! — just about made my August, and the entertainment has continued. One of the holiday-themed parodies a friend sent me recently has to do with Hanukkah — which I KNOW is not Christmas, thanks, but the two seasons are often celebrated concurrently. My family celebrates both most years.

Because of our home renovation woes, we had to very unfortunately miss a “Merry Christmanukkah” party tonight, and so I’m going to post instead this parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” by Six13. (This is also in honor of the dreidel game’s being my kids’ favorite pasttime this time of year, and a favorite of mine when I was their age, too.)

Happy Happy Whatever You’re Celebrating This Month, if you are.


Six13’s “Chanukah: Shake It Off” parody

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