What You Can Look Forward To In The Coming Weeks…

Hey there, all.  Sorry for the little hiatus. It seems like this summer so far has consisted mainly of driving my kids to their camps. Getting quality writing time in has been a challenge. But progress is being made, and I wanted to give you a heads-up as to what you can look forward to (not necessarily in this order) over the next few weeks!

*  another Electric Car Diary

*  a book review from Marie Marshall

*  an interview with Russ Linton, author of the just-released Crimson Son

*  more information about my upcoming e-book release, Finis.

*  another Fashion Friday (costumed freaks edition)

Till then, be well, and maybe I’ll see you around on Facebook and Twitter.

Cover Reveal: FINIS.

As some of you are aware, later this summer I have an e-book launching. More details on the logistics of all that will be coming, so stay tuned, but today, I’m revealing the cover.


cover design by Lauren Volness
cover design by Lauren Volness


The cover design, including photography, was done by Lauren Volness, and the model in the center of the image is Kara Masharani.

The launch party for Finis. will be in Houston on Sunday, August 10th, from 4:00-6:00 in the afternoon, so if you’re in town, please stop by! (More details on that will be coming later, too.)


Fashion Friday 6/13/14

The other day, I ran across this really interesting post (that you can read by clicking on this link) about women in technology careers and how they dress, and how there isn’t a single uniform for women in tech fields the way there sometimes seems to be for men in those same fields. This post addresses the issue of the representation of women in tech on TV and what’s wrong with it, and it gives some very real examples to illustrate its points.

(And for what it’s worth, my husband is a software developer and does not wear hoodies or sneakers to work. Neither, from what I’ve seen, do the people on his team.)

It also touches on the ugly topic of the way women are often treated in geek culture, as if they couldn’t possibly be real geeks if they’re attractive or have varied interests or aren’t completely obsessed in fandom but are just really enthusiastic and motivated by the subject they’re geeky about. (This is a difficult subject, of course, and it just might be one that’s touched a nerve or two in conversations I’ve had with less enlightened guys on the subject of my “commitment to comics” and other similar nonsense.)

I’m genuinely interested in what you think. Discuss!  🙂

Things Which Do Not Belong in the Kitchen Sink. Thank You.

It’s been about a week of summer vacation here, and we might need to consider a slightly stricter routine around here than just saying, “Relax, school’s out!”


Things Which Do Not Belong in the Kitchen Sink.  Thank You.

  1. discarded candy wrappers and pirate booty bags
  2. half-eaten corn on the cob
  3. empty aluminum cans and milk cartons
  4. paper towels
  5. Legos
  6. wine corks
  7. empty liquid soap containers
  8. a throw pillow
  9. Disney princesses in any state of undress
  10. cloth napkins, dish towels, and pot holders

Are we clear?  Good.

Electric Car Diaries: It’s Been A Week

So I’ve had my Leaf for about a week, and to say the learning curve has been steep might be overstating things. The car really has been fun and not all that difficult to work with. There have been a few things, however, that I wish I had been aware of before I’d bought it.  Continue reading “Electric Car Diaries: It’s Been A Week”