Featured Poet: Kasia James

Today’s featured poet is the marvelous woman who brought The Milk of Female Kindness to the light of day; the anthology was her brainchild.

Kasia James writes primarily speculative fiction but has started to wonder if it is her mission in life to complete books in as many different genres as possible. She is the author of The Artemis Effect, which is an optimist’s science-fiction dystopia, and was contributing editor of The Milk of Female Kindness — An Anthology of Honest Motherhood

She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with a hydrologist, an ankle-biter, and a big black cat called George.  Enjoy her blog here.


Train Traveller

Whisker rasped whisky
Dirty camouflage reflected in sunglasses
Rumbling with surprising calm
Before the amber bottle



6 thoughts on “Featured Poet: Kasia James

  1. Reblogged this on Writer's Block and commented:
    Today I’m honoured to be the ‘Featured Poet’ over at ‘Sappho’s Torque’ blog, where Angelique has been featuring many poets (both famous and infamous) this month for National Poetry Week. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Sabrina, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂 I often host a poem contest of some sort for April, but since I’d just finished one, I thought this would be better, and honestly, I think I’m enjoying this so much I might make it a tradition!


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