Voting for the Government Shutdown Haiku Contest: Now Open

Hey there.  So I’ve compiled all the entries for our most recent haiku contest and put them all here in this post.  I’m opening up the voting to you, the readers, to determine whom our winner will be.  The entries have all been great, and I’m so grateful to everyone who participated — and to everyone who took part in the discussions on my various social media.

This is approval voting, which means you can vote for more than one entry.  Just remember that voting for everyone is like voting for no one, since all your votes cancel each other out if you do that.  Feel free to tell others about this post and have them come read the entries and vote, too.  The poll will remain open until November 1st, and then the entry with the most votes will win.  At that point, I will announce the winner and then if you’re that person, contact me soon so we can arrange the details for you to get your prize.

Thank you again!  Here are the entries…


from KaBoKi:

can you imagine,
Politicians working, ha!
to achieve ends meat.


from halftangible:

Stick house in a storm,
Unable to Compromise,
As the roof crumbles;

They think themselves strong,
To let the stick house shatter,
And blame the others;

But when the smoke clears
Who will pick up broken sticks?
When none cared before…

House of sticks should learn,
No one cares whose fault it is,


from Howard:

Washington DC:
Actions speak louder than words.
Show us some action.


from L. Mancha (1st)

Government shutdown:
I ponder my child’s illness–
I walk back to work.


from L. Mancha (2nd)

Like when we were kids
We’d whine about doing chores:
Government shutdown.


from Cindy:

May I shoot your dog?
No? Then may I just kick him?
Please, sir, compromise!


from TO (1st):

Essential or not –
Never has a vacation
Been more undeserved.


from TO (2nd):

Who closes the doors?
Shadows creep under the cracks,
Though gold does not flow.


from TO (3rd):

Where goes the budget?
The politics of dragons –
What hordes do you guard?


from Jim Baughman:

Cow over the moon?
Just more of the same old yaks.
The cow wanders off.


from Margo Bergman:

Stupid plan orange man
The women and children cry
too costly your hate


from Marie Marshall:

He sweeps the leaves on
Pennsylvania Avenue –
wind stirs them away


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