Fashion Friday 7/19/13

Something cheery this week.

Near our front door we have a tiny pond with some ferns and shade-loving flowers and butterfly plants and a couple of rustic benches.  The whole area could use a redesign, but it’s been too busy a year for that, so maybe we’ll look into it over the winter when the weather is cooler.

We used to have turtles and fish living in the pond, and one spring we had thousands of tadpoles, too.  But then the turtles ate most of them, and so for the last several years we’ve had just two frogs.  They stay in this little courtyard and pond area and sometimes stand sentry on our pebble walk.  When you come up toward the house, especially at night, you might be startled by a large splash just as you come through the gate.

This is one or both of our frogs — who have grown to be quite large now, each of them easily the size of my entire hand if not bigger — jumping off the porch and into the pond.  Our frogs are named, naturally, Kermit and Robin.

I like to get unusual manicures sometimes during the summer. (Occasionally during the school year,too, but I try not to get too crazy then.)  This week I decided to design an homage to my favorite frog.

Heigh-ho, this is Kermit the manicure...
Heigh-ho, this is Kermit the manicure…

Both hands look like this.  I thought about putting in a little golden-green pointed frill at the cuticle line on the four fingers besides the thumb, but that seemed excessive, especially when the current effect is so sweet.

And since I often get matchy-matchy with my fingers and toes, the pedicure echoes.

Kermit feet


I assure you, these flip-flop sandals will not make their own particular appearance in a Fashion Friday post.  Flip-flops are the artless and pitiful runts of the shoe industry.  These sandals were bought exclusively for the purpose of wearing to the salon.  They are not meant for anything else that requires real shoes.

Next week maybe I’ll feature some awesome shoes to make up for the flip-flops.


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7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday 7/19/13

    1. No, it very well is not. Especially in Texas. 😉

      Okay, that was a cheap shot. Texas is actually a far, far better place than the stuff that the media picks up on most of the time. It’s not without its flaws, but we’re not all like our crazy politicians.


    1. Thanks for chiming in on all counts! 🙂 I’m probably going to do one more really interesting manicure before school starts. If so, I’ll post it for a Fashion Friday. Once the weather gets cooler, I’ll be returning to the original mission: hats!


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