Fashion Friday 7/12/13

Just a reminder: tomorrow is the 13th of the month and thus it will be Le Jour du Cirque des Rêves. Not sure what I’m referring to? Click here for more details!


It’s important to wear a hat when you’re out in the sun. It’s not so you can avoid getting wrinkles — which no one can actually avoid — but so you can reduce the possibility of getting skin cancer.

For summer, I like this straw hat.  It’s soft and flexible and easy to wear but also simple with clean lines, so it counts as relatively stylish even years after I first got it.

fabulous straw hat



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2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday 7/12/13

    1. Yeah, I know it’s weird, and posting this opens me up to quite a lot of ridicule, more so than other things I put up here. I actually thought about not posting this at all and held onto it for several weeks, but it’s something that seems to hit a lot of women I know. We’re on the downside of the “prime demographic” and living in a culture that causes deep-seated self-resentment. It seems to help, the more we talk about it, and so I wanted to put all of this out there, although I’m not entirely certain yet I won’t be yanking this post down anyway. I vacillate hour by hour.


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