Fashion Friday 6/14/13

A lot of teachers I know and work with — okay, pretty much all of them — often admit they need a week or two to decompress from the school year once summer break starts.  Of course, summer is short, and most teachers have a lot of work to do over the summer (even if they aren’t teaching classes).  I know this shatters a myth many people like to believe, that we spend a couple of months just doing nothing but draw a paycheck.  (Trust me, in seventeen years of teaching, I’ve never encountered any teacher for whom that was actually true.)

Anyway, a week or two out of ten is an awful big chunk of time to spend decompressing.  So sometimes, the first weekend of summer, you have to make a grand statement, metaphorically, to shock your system into understanding you really are on summer break.

right hand watermelon

And the other hand…

left hand watermelon

This gets the point across nicely.


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9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday 6/14/13

    1. I’m considering it for when we go back in August, although we’re going to have a new headmaster, and I’m not sure that’s the first impression I want to make! Maybe I’ll do it again at the start of next May to signal my readiness for the school year to end, already. 😉


  1. Wow! Pretty, but…wow. I dont always have time to read your blog when you post it, but i like to save a few up and sit down for a while going through them. i appreciate your language. So descriptive and so careful. 😉 (example: the part in the post about your mug where you made sure no one thought you were complaining about Aaron breaking the mug) you are so cute, sis! XO
    Can’t wait for LA!!! Vacation, what!?!


  2. Andrew

    I would definitely like to contribute in the future. I have a big pith helmet collection. We don’t have to go with that necessarily, but just throwing that out there.


    1. Andrew, I think it would be good if you wanted to do something for Fashion Friday. How about something really funny or ironic? Seems to me that shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Your blog is great. 🙂


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