Banging the Drum for Common Sense

Literary agent Michelle Johnson’s blog pointed me toward this fantastic open letter from a mother to her sons.  If you’re sick of hearing about rape culture, you may continue to hide from reality and hope you and the people you love are never personally affected by this societal scourge.

If you’re sick of rape culture, click here to read this wonderful letter and maybe share it.

For those of you in academia, good luck getting through finals.  As soon as I’m done with them, I’ll be back to posting authorly treats.  For those of you not in academia, count yourselves lucky this time of year, and be well.



Click here to read my post in response to the media debacle surrounding the Steubenville trial.

2 thoughts on “Banging the Drum for Common Sense

  1. Interesting. It’s not an isolated debate. here’s what was discussed recently amongst some friends of mine, over here in Scotland.

    * There is no excuse for rape – what the victim is wearing is not an excuse, what the vistim has had to drink is not an excuse. We should live in a culture where appearance and behaviour is not seen as an invitation to sex, violence, or anything on that spectrum, and we should take steps to foster that new culture.

    * However, we don’t live in that culture yet. Warning someone that their appearance or behaviour may be misinterpreted, that they should avoid such-and-such a place or dressing like a such-and-such, cannot be wrong.

    You can see that trying to strike a balance between what ought to be (idealism) and what is (realism) isn’t easy. Especially as emphasising the second bullet point above can be misinterpreted as nothing but victim-bashing (there are plenty of instances of REAL victim-bashing going on out there!)

    The discussion wasn’t resolved. It was left in a ‘diagnostic’ position, with the realisation that there are eddies and counter-currents within this problem.


    1. Yes, we’re dealing with this problematic debate over here, too. As much as we want the concept of “mixed signals” not to be a thing, not everyone is smart or enlightened or decent enough to separate it out. And then there are people who purposely give off said “mixed signals,” further complicating the problem for everyone else.


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