Periodic Sappho’s Torque Best Commenter Awards

A little over a year ago, I earned a Best Commenter Award from the lovely SJ and Meg over at Snobbery.  It was a delightful moment because I hadn’t been part of the blogosphere long but felt like I had, at least, done something useful enough to connect with other people.  And without a doubt, connections with other people, especially writers and avid readers, has been one of the best parts about having a blog.  I have loved that.

Anyway, I thought this concept was fun and paid the award forward, as I was supposed to do, and it occurred to me that I could continue having a Best Commenter Awards recognition on my own blog regularly.  I don’t know how often it will be — annual?  semi-annual?  quarterly? — but I’ve come up with my own badge and my own set of interview questions (with SJ’s blessing, since the format, though not its content, is shamelessly stolen from Snobbery’s awards).

So here’s how this works:  I will list the award recipients below along with the interview the recipients are asked answer.  We at Sappho’s Torque love and appreciate all our commenters, and winning this most excellent honor is based, very simply, on how much one participates in this blog.  All recipients should please answer the interview questions in the comments section of this post, then post the Best Commenter Awards on their blogs and choose their top 5 commenters to pass the honor and the interview along to, if they so choose, and thanks for playing.  (If they do not so choose, well, boo.  Frowny face.)

So without further ado, here they are!

best commenter badge

Our top 5 commenters (and their blogs, because this time the top 5 are all bloggers as well) are…

*  kvennarad

*  sj

*  David Jón Fuller

*  The Byronic Man

*  laine


And here are the interview questions:

  1. What was the first food you ever learned how to make?
  2. What’s your favorite movie, and why?
  3. Do you own a melon baller?
  4. DC or Marvel or indie?
  5. If you had the time to be a novelist, would you want to be?
  6. What’s your favorite fashion accessory?  Would you be interested in sharing it with us on a Fashion Friday post?
  7. What is the best book you’ve ever read that you really didn’t enjoy while you were reading it?
  8. What are you listening to today?
  9. Do you remember when and how you first discovered Sappho’s Torque?  Will you please tell us the story?
  10. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  11. What’s your preferred variety of Munchkin card?
  12. Complete this lyric:  “If I had $1,000,000, I would buy you…”


And that’s it!  Have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “Periodic Sappho’s Torque Best Commenter Awards

  1. Hi Angélique, and thank you. I am honoured that you consider my smart-ass comments worthy of an award. Due to the nature of my blog(s) I’m not in a position to do an all-out pay-it-forward (it would alter the flavour of the blog(s)), but I’ll find some wrinkle to lead my readers to these questions. Maybe I’ll declare the first five people to settle on my next post the winner.

    If I link back here, of course, that boosts your incredible readership record. 🙂

    Okay, here are my smart-ass answers.

    1. Jam tart.

    2. ‘The Maltese Falcon’. Film noir was always made on a budget, which lends each movie a tight, almost claustrophobic quality. In ‘Falcon’ this terseness is palpable, perfectly pitched. The dialogue and plot comes straight from the book, excising only one character (Gutman’s daughter) and the implication at the end that Sam Spade does take up with Archer’s widow – and Dashiell Hammett’s writing style and dialogue is damn good anyway. Humphrey Bogart is at his acting best; I would say he only equalled/bettered his acting in ‘The Caine Mutiny’. The combination of Greenstreet, Lorre, Bogart, Mary Astor, and Elisha Cook Jr. just seemed to work so well. The final scene where the elevator cage door closes on Mary Astor and the elevator descends is a wonderful metaphor – she is imprisoned, she is ‘going down’ for murder. A piece of ‘Maltese Falcon’ trivia: The last line of dialogue is NOT “The… er… stuff that dreams are made of”, it’s “Huh?”

    3. Nope, but I do have an ice-cream scoop.

    4. Depends what’s in the dentist’s waiting room.

    5. I AM one!

    6. A red boy-scout bandana.

    7. Émile Zola’s ‘Germinal’. Grim and had-going, but when I got to the end I realised I had been reading a masterpiece.

    8. Mainly Wagner or cool jazz.

    9. All I can recall is that I saw the name ‘Sappho’ and simply came for a look. I liked what I saw and so I stayed.

    10. Younger.

    11. Until you asked I had no idea what one of these was.

    12. ‘… out.’


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    1. Thanks for your responses! 🙂 I’m enjoying the answers to the questionnaire that your readers are leaving on your blog, too. Everyone click on the link above (“fragment 354”) to check it out.


  3. 1. Probably macaroni & cheese (if that counts as “food”)
    2. Impossible to pick just one. Pulp Fiction, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Godfather are definitely on the short list, though.
    3. No, but I’ve got one on layaway.
    4. Can’t pick. I’m an equal-opportunity comics nerd.
    5. That’s the goal…
    6. I have a number of wristbands.
    7. Easy: Sometimes A Great Notion. Stunningly beautiful and brilliant, and the first 300 pages are pure labor.
    8. Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication
    9. Hm. I have no idea. Isn’t that terrible?
    10. Everything. Name an interesting career, I want it.
    11. I have no idea what that is.
    12. “… I would buy you a song of your choice by Canadian band Barenaked Ladies.”


    1. Nicely done, B-Man. Thanks. 🙂 Do you have a novel in progress??

      And it occurs to me that your desire to have every career might be the inspiration for your “Please Hire Me To…” series?


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