My Students’ CW Blog

Hey there.  In case you’re interested, my Creative Writing students have a blog on which they post their works in progress for open workshop.  If you’re interested, this week they’ve put up manuscripts which are in a variety of non-poetry genres, and they’re looking for constructive feedback this week before they revise.  Please feel free to bop on over and let them know what you think?

Here’s the link.

And please remember, they’re high school students.  They’re good writers but still learning, so they’d love some feedback — positive praise and constructive criticism both appreciated.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “My Students’ CW Blog

  1. Hi Angélique.

    It’s an interesting blog with much good stuff on it. By the way, I dropped in a comment with a link in it, and it sent it straight to spam. It doesn’t matter from the point of view of content.



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