Introducing Fashion Fridays on Sappho’s Torque…

So you know I’m a writer and a mom and that I teach, but you may not know of my abiding interest in fashion.  I admit I’m an amateur when it comes to being a style maven, but in another life I think if I had played my cards right, I could have been Stacy London.  (Or at least tried to be.)

A few years ago, my good friend Margo and I decided that it was high time hats came back into fashion.  And not just the undersized fedoras in music videos or the knitted caps preventing your scalp from getting frostbite up north during the winter.  No, real hats.  Stylish hats.  Fabulous hats.

We, along with our girlfriends, already wore some pretty amazing hats when we went out to tea a few times a year — yeah, those grand hotels LOVE us — but we wanted our hat wearing obsession to be more than just an eccentricity.  So Margo and I determined we would start wearing hats out in public a lot, all year long.  We could do it together — strength in numbers, you know.

Then Margo moved away, across the country.  It became difficult to run around town together in our cute hats.

But we do still wear them alone, and we wear them when we’re together — which is more often than one might think — and we would still like for them to be more popular.  So I decided I wanted to host Fashion Fridays on my blog just so I — and Margo and some of my other friends who live in different parts of the country  —  could spotlight hats or other fashion accessories we find interesting.  (And hopefully, at some point, wearing hats will catch on.)

Don’t worry, I’m not going to shift my blog to exclusively fashion or anything like that.  In fact, I’m working on a fiction series designed just for my blog that will probably start showing up here later this spring.  And the other Creative Writing stuff will continue:  watch for another poetry opportunity in April to celebrate National Poetry Month and for future haiku contests.  But considering the highly positive response the Rêveur Revelation Fashion Project has gotten, I’m just going to add this into the mix as well.

I’ll get things started with this lovely creamy felt number, complete with sparkly rhinestone and ribbon embellishment.  Believe it or not, I found it at Urban Outfitters a while back when they were going through their “stylish cloche hat” phase.  That was wonderful — because, let’s be honest, a cloche looks good on just about any woman.

Happy Friday!

Because when you wake up to temperatures in the 30s, you should dress that way...
Because when you wake up to temperatures in the 30s, you should dress that way…

If you would like to be a guest contributor to Fashion Fridays, please email me privately about it at; please put “Fashion Fridays” in the subject line.

7 thoughts on “Introducing Fashion Fridays on Sappho’s Torque…

  1. Lauren Nagel

    Angelique, I have always loved your hats and look forward to seeing which one you will be wearing. I used to have a gray cloche that I wore everywhere with a gray coat from the 1930s. I bought them both at a funky resale shop in Austin, but alas, both have been missing for decades. I now have a purple cloche in my closet with the tags still on it. When I finally decide to wear it, I’ll send you a photo.


    1. Thanks, but also, not at all. 🙂 It’s funny because I hear comments like that from people almost every time I wear a cloche, and yet when I insist my friends and colleagues try it on — because I wear hats to work a lot during the colder months — they’re pleasantly surprised. This particular one has a low brim, but a smaller one in a different color would be decidedly un-mushroom-y on its own.


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