January Rêveuse

Notes to self: red shoes don't show up well in ankle-deep vines, red lipstick does not show up at all if it's sheer or pale, and your husband will take one -- and only one -- picture if it's cold outside and he didn't put on a jacket first.
Notes to self: red shoes don’t show up well in ankle-deep vines, red lipstick does not show up at all if it’s sheer or pale, and your husband will take one — and only one — picture if it’s cold outside and he didn’t put on a jacket first.

Thanks also to Laine over at you do doodle too, as always, for bringing the Rêveur Revelation Fashion Project to life in her part of the country.  And thanks to everyone else who’s doing it as well, regardless of whether you post your pictures!

If you have no idea what this post is really all about, click here.

2 thoughts on “January Rêveuse

  1. Do you mind saying what brand your red lipstick is? I have a tube of “Red Drama” by Clinique but I think it’s been discontinued.
    No one in my household is willing to take more than a couple of shots for my RRFP either. If I’m at home I use a tripod and the interval timer setting on my camera. If I’m out and about I use the TimerCam app for iphone.


    1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this; I haven’t had enough spare time to handle this response till now (the weekend). Why, you might be (fairly) wondering?

      As it turns out, my make-up collection is replete with various reds! 🙂

      I have several pinks and berries and mauves, but here are my reds and red-ishes that I really like.

      * Origins “Amaryllis” is a true bold red lipstick, wonderful for an evening out, and when I go for red, this is what I reach for the most.
      * Mac “Viva Glam A60” (not sure about that number, as the label is scratched) is approximately the fabulous matte blood-red Drew Barrymore wore in her first “Charlie’s Angels” movie. Definitely a bold look for evening.
      * Origins “Ruby Slippers” is my newest acquisition. It’s a bit on the sheer side but lovely and wearable all day.
      * Sephora crayon in “02 fancy red” is great for a quick lipgloss swipe in easy pencil form, perfect for daytime.
      * Mary Kay “Apple Berry” has a bold raspberry / dark pink tone.
      * Cover Girl Queen Collection “Tawny Port” is a really nice auburn, a red with brown undertones that’s quite pleasing for fall.
      * Sonia Kashuk “Sheer Calypso” is another with warm brown undertones.
      * Rimmel London “Bordeaux” is a gorgeous burgundy red I like to wear for evening.

      Can you tell I love cosmetics? I’m afraid I do. I wish I had more than five minutes every morning to put them on, but ah well. I especially like lipsticks and almost never wear them unless I’m getting dressed up to go out or something, and yet — much like with shoes and purses — I am constantly questing to find the perfect ones. The perfect shade of red. (The perfect heels that will be easy to walk in, comfortable, cute, distinct, and adorable. The perfect handbag that fits everything including my planner and a book to read and a manuscript to edit, but that is small on the outside with a light colored lining so I can see stuff and lots of perfectly sized and placed compartments for small items, that also comes in a fabulous color.)

      It is all an endless quest.


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