This Week…

I’m mired in writing report cards this week.  This has been made more difficult by my colleague’s cat’s having run off with all my erudite phrases.  Dratted felines.

And to be fair, the report cards are taking up only the first half of the week.  The second half, I’ll be attending a writing conference in Los Angeles.  If you’re going to be at a writing conference in Los Angeles this weekend, drop me a line.  What are the odds they wouldn’t be the same one?  Come find me and say hi.

Regular blogging with substantive narrative comments — not the kind I’m using on the report cards, I assure you — will resume as soon as I’ve caught up to that darned cat.  Cheers.

8 thoughts on “This Week…

      1. I got it, thanks! 🙂 I’ll read it this week, just as soon as I get caught up from my trip to the Writers’ Digest West Conference.

        …which was amazing and fun, by the way! But now, ah now, CATCH UP…


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