Something Awesome to Start Your Work Week

It feels like Monday to me because the school where I teach is excellent enough to take Columbus Day off every year.  Not to give the students a break while the teachers sit through a marginally useful inservice, no, but an actual holiday.  A true three-day weekend.  Love!

But now I’m back at work, and this gem crossed my inbox, and I felt the need to share.  Many of you are already aware, no doubt, of my love of the Harry Potter opus and of my benevolent tolerance of the Twilight “saga” (put in quotes because a saga it is not, no matter how many marketing execs call it that).  If you need a refresher on why I find Twilight to be entertaining but not particularly good for you if you’re young — nutritionally speaking, it’s a big bowl of candy — then click here.

And then you may click here to view a delightful comparison between these two literary phenomena, from the Life As A Reader blog.  Perhaps you’ve already seen it.  Perhaps you will simply enjoy it anyway.



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