One Decent Antidote for a Case of the Mondays is Cuteness Overload

So this morning I read a post on the delightful blog Becoming Cliché that just about sent my blood sugar into diabetic levels, it was so adorable.  I was seriously ready to go out and adopt an infant animal of nearly any variety, if I hadn’t had to stay at my desk and prepare to teach a class.  *sigh*

But I was inspired to post this little test for you all, which I’d been thinking about doing for a while but hadn’t gotten around to yet.  Perhaps I was just waiting for the right opportunity.  And this morning, it seems, my triggering moment (as we like to say in the poetry biz) arrived.

Here’s the post on Becoming Cliché that was just too precious for coherent words.  You really need to see the whole post and all the photos to get the full effect.  It’s not long.

And now here’s my response:  a test in which you must avoid squeeing.  Click here to get to it.

I should warn you that I showed the test to my kids (Orange-Belt Fairy Princess Badass and Tiny Beowulf) and their friend last weekend, and all three of them exploded from sheer delight.


P.S. — No one and nothing was harmed in the events leading up to and the creation of this blog post, to the best of my knowledge.

15 thoughts on “One Decent Antidote for a Case of the Mondays is Cuteness Overload

  1. Dana

    I held out till the video of the mama cat and that did me in. Can I claim pregnancy hormones as an excuse? lol Still, way too cute and a good way to round out the day. Thanks!


    1. Oh, absolutely blame the hormones if you want to, but really there’s no need. That video got me too — especially since it still looks just like me with either of my kids. The one that especially had me on the floor, though, was the koala mom and baby. I don’t think I’ll ever get that image out of my brain.


  2. There are some seriously sadistic people out there who get their kicks from putting small animals in cups.

    As for the puppy going down the stairs, I was saying: “You’d beter get this right, buster, because I promise you the next flight will have NO nice, soft carpet!”

    Okay, having met the challenge and passed the test, maybe I’ll go back there and allow myself the luxury of going “aaawwww” a few times. 🙂



    1. YOU PASSED??? You’re stronger than I am! I was on the floor with the mom and baby koalas. You’re actually the first person who’s claimed to have passed…maybe there should be some sort of prize for that…


      1. Well maybe it had something to do with my having been in the middle of eating my breakfast at the time. If I’d gone “aaaawwww” I’d have slootered cereal down my blouse. 😉

        Plus I was determined not to crack from the first moment!


  3. I couldn’t do it! I was actually doing really well until the video of the puppy trying to get down the stairs. Poor little guy! Never mind the fact that each stair itself is a challenge. Can you picture how terrifying it would be for a teeny tiny puppy to imagine himself slipping and somersaulting down the whole flight?! (Okay, so it was a pretty short flight of steps, and puppies probably don’t have imaginations, I’m just projecting my own fear of heights…)

    And once I “awww”d at him, I couldn’t stop.


    1. I know! The whole time I kept thinking of the poor little frightened puppy and his totally unsympathetic, tough-love owner. Then I thought of those ridiculous and unfortunate “David after the dentist” videos and just felt sorry for all the kids out there whose parents are mortifying them in advance.

      I still giggled, though.


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