Une Rêveuse

Happy 13th of the month!  Here are my rêveurs photos for September, taken today at school.  In the second one, I’m posing for a Book Fair promotional photo; I’ve recommended The Night Circus this year as my Faculty Favorite.

You can’t see my awesome red jewelry, but I MADE MOST OF IT. 🙂

Normally it’s difficult to choose which book I’ve read over the last ten months is the best to recommend, and I often end up recommending several.  But this year, although I read many excellent novels, the one which affected me most deeply was an easy choice.

Book Fair photo for NC
We’re supposed to somehow enact some portion of the books we recommend to help increase enthusiasm for Book Fair. Not that our school needs it THAT much. People here love Book Fair! We’re so lucky. 🙂

Be sure also to check out my friend Laine’s blog, in which she also today posted “Je rêve” and a delightful picture.

If you’d like to post links in the comments section to your own pictures, fantastic, and if you’d like instead to email me your pictures and let me post them, I’m totally open to that.

Cheers!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Une Rêveuse

    1. Fabulous, please do! 🙂 There are several of us out here and among my friends in other places who are doing the fashion movement (a grand term given my fun little project by Laine over at i do doodle too). Do it with us! They don’t all post their pictures each month, but I do, and I’m happy to link to yours if you post, or post yours for you if you email it to me. But since you have a blog as well, you can post there if you like and link in the comments of my new rêveuse post each month. I’d love to see how big this thing could get!


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