Another New Haiku Venture

So here in the United States, it’s election season. In case you’re not familiar with how it works here, election season begins about fifteen minutes after the old election results are in, and it goes on for bloody ever. But now, two months ish from actual Election Day, things are moving from Rather Intense to Freakin’ Ridiculous. You know I don’t get all that much into politics here most of the time, with a few exceptions for particularly egregious behavior — I’m looking at you, Todd Akin — but considering the wonderful success back in the spring of the Republican Primary Season Haiku Contest, I thought it was worth it to have another light-hearted go at the stunners who run and who want to run our country.

Goodness, is it time to vote again already? Yay!

So now that both conventions are over, let’s have it! Compose a haiku (or more, if you like) in response to either or both conventions: the Republicans in Tampa, Florida, or the Democrats in Charlotte, North Carolina. Remember that you get extra bonus points (intangible though they are, they are given with genuine admiration) if you can work nature in somehow; these are haiku, after all. Sincere is good, Funny or Witty is really really good, and Unfoundedly Vitriolic for the Sake of Being a Jerk is questionable at best. I hope that doesn’t spoil anyone’s fun.


20 thoughts on “Another New Haiku Venture

    1. It’s sort of like that one night when they had all the prominent women in the party who haven’t already discredited themselves irretrievably (hello, Palin and Bachman) onstage one right after another.

      Sad display, since I know lots of Republicans who are smart and thoughtful and kind and rational. They generally don’t get into the media or participate in public office, but they do exist.


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