The Rêveur Revelation Fashion Project

Click here to be taken to your invitation.

Feel free to share photos of yourself (or links to photos of yourself) as a rêveur in the comments section of this post.

Here is mine from August 13th. White shirt, black and white skirt, red earrings.

Ange 8/13
Very simple because the weather today is hot.

If you want to share your photo here in the comments section, please do!  If you have trouble doing this, please feel free to post to my Facebook page.

And if you’ve stumbled upon this post but aren’t sure what it’s really about, read this other one.


By the way, please note that I will be posting on the 13th of each month with my rêveuse picture for that day.  Look through the archives of my posts to find them!  🙂

7 thoughts on “The Rêveur Revelation Fashion Project

  1. Lauren

    I’m in. I just happend to have a red scarf (not to mention scads of black). I indentified with the reveurs right away. Just one problem–how do you pronounce it? (I’ve been substituting the word dreamer)


  2. Cindy

    Late to the party, but Lauren: it’s pronounced “rev-URR” . . . well, that’s close, anyway. Not all French words have a handy phonetic English spelling, it seems.

    Think “clever,” with the emphasis on the “er,” and a little French guy saying it in your head. Then substitute the “r” as the beginning sound, and you’re golden. Or, as the French would say, “T’es dorée.” 😉


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