Something Weird I Saw This Week

I like to walk for exercise, and on my walks this week, I’ve noticed an unfamiliar car parked in front of the house belonging to one of my neighbors.  It’s a cherry-red Vintage Malibu with out-of-state plates, but the most unusual thing about it is a giant fanged skull, replete with one eyeball and a huge spider crawling on top, buckled into the passenger side of the front bench seat, next to a bottle of brake fluid.

skull with spider and brake fluid
No idea who came up with this or whom it belongs to. It was just sitting there, parked on my street, for a few days.

I took a couple of other shots to try and get a better look at it.

right side view of skull in front seat
Not the most descriptive side…

And here’s an even better one.

front view of skull with sunlight
This one has the glare of the sun shining onto the windshield, or it would be pretty awesome. But you do get a good look at that creepy eyeball. It’s very “Tell-Tale Heart,” if you ask me. And the apparent puncture or entry wound in the forehead. Oh, and the fangs, tipped in pink. Can’t forget those.

But this might be my favorite of all:  the Skeevy Skull in the Sky Shot.

Skeevy Skull in the Sky Shot

I’m wondering whether this person thought this would be a good CHINDOGU???  You know, to get into the HOV lane without having to actually have a real passenger?

Just curious.

Oh, and while you’re here, think about entering the Chindogu Challenge from last weekend.  Entry deadline is this coming Sunday night.  It’s interesting to me how much conversation this topic sparked on my Facebook page but not here on the blog.  Weird.  Ah well…

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