A Film I Hope Everyone Will See

Recently a friend and colleague of mine, director Mike Akel, released his latest project:  An Ordinary Family.  This is a movie I would like for everyone to see.  It deals with a sensitive, timely, and important subject in a funny yet poignant way, a manner which had the audience at the premier laughing throughout the entire film but also feeling deeply.  Watch the trailer here.

YAHOO! Voices called this movie “A cross between MODERN FAMILY and GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER.”  The Examiner called it “A true work of ARTISTRY, filled with DEPTH, HUMOR and RELEVANCE.”

I call it beautiful.

The characters are realistically drawn, the story is beautifully conceived, the themes are complex yet intuitively simple.  One of the best things about it, too, is that characters who might be easy to demonize were they less well portrayed become people you know, people you care about, people you feel yourself nodding along with when they speak.  An Ordinary Family is art imitating life, in a world where that which is divine — an understanding that the better world we may be waiting for is possible in the here and now — infiltrates that which is merely human, and becomes humane.

Right now, you can purchase the film on iTunes using this link.  Please go do this.  🙂  It’s really worth it!

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