The Silliest Thing You’ve Ever Heard Of

So I happened upon this absolutely INANE piece of rubbish today.  It posits that — if I understand correctly — if you believe in global warming, you are most likely a serial killer.  Something like that.

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe “it takes all kinds” when something this BSC comes out.  In its defense, though, this “article” makes a good object lesson on manipulative writing and logical fallacy.

It made me wonder, though:  What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?

Post your response in the comments section, and then we can all share in the insanity.  The person who posts the funniest Most Asinine Thing will get…something.  Not sure yet what.  But something, no doubt.


20 thoughts on “The Silliest Thing You’ve Ever Heard Of

  1. I should clarify that the ad campaign undertaken as an “experiment” by these folks suggests the link between a belief in climate change and sociopathy. You know, in case that makes a difference to you.


      1. Okay, so…this one just came up today (because I never remembered what I was originally going to say):

        I wonder if the person who originally drew the Venn Diagram didn’t understand how these things work, or was trolling the commenters? Dunno.


  2. Michael

    In addition to ripping off my friend Tim’s star wars art, in addition to the most eye-bleeding web page design this side of MySpace, in addition to a web page full of pictures of text, there’s the premise.

    You may be a Unicorn, which is really the same as being a Jedi Knight.

    If you manage to find the navigation (look for it!), you eventually get to the page where he’s flogging his book “Are you a Unicorn?” for a tenner.

    Don’t forget to stop by the Unicorn Poetry page for the brave efforts he makes there. It’s pretty bad, in an earnest way, but it’s not as bad as the Jedi stuff.


  3. Andi

    “Do you know what I say to vegetarians who don’t eat eggs or milk because it comes from animals?? You eat fruit and THAT comes from immigrants. I mean, c’mon. Think about it.”

    Excuse me? I have no words.


      1. Michael

        Didn’t you know that Rio Grande Valley oranges were the unfertilized ova of braceros? Grapefruit come from the ones with bigger stones.


  4. Probably the first place would be when some tobacco institute scientists said they had proven that carrots cause lung cancer, not cigarettes.

    Second place is a tie between every single thing ever said by the Bush jr. administration.


    1. Sure, if by “trees” he meant “automobiles,” and if by “automobiles” he meant “trees.” It must have been the jelly beans talking, because I’m sure it wasn’t the psychic feeding him that nonsense. 😉


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