Best Commenter Awards

So I was recently awarded a Dodisharkicorn Best Commenter Award from the lovely ladies over at Snobbery.  (Yay!)

In fulfillment of this award, there are some things I must do.  First, proudly display my award badge, which I will do here:

Here it is! 🙂 The dodisharkicorn lives!

Next, I must answer the following questions:

  1. What is your third favourite colour?
  2. Would you rather be:  a Jedi, a Pokemon Master or a Wizard/Witch?  Choose ONE.
  3. Who is your favourite Doctor?
  4. Can you whistle?
  5. Would you name your child Sirius Albus?
  6. What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?
  7. Do you own a lawnmower?
  8. Do you think Legolas is a (very pretty) pansy?
  9. What’s the trashiest thing you’ve read in the last year?  Should we cover it for Trashy Tuesday?

My answers are below.

Next, I must announce my winners and pass them on to my Top 5 Commenters.  However, since the directive of the original award is to “spread it around like Nutella” and some of my commenters are tied for frequency, I’m giving it to more than five people.  Lucky them!  They are (drumroll…)

1.  Cindy and Seema tied for 1st place

2.  Kara in 2nd place

3.  Alanna, LouAnne, and Peggy tied for 3rd place

Now, this award is all about frequency.  Please rest assured that all my commenters are awesome in terms of quality!  And if you weren’t named this time for the award, you definitely have the chance to participate more on the blog to increase your chances for next time.  (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

So winners, please answer the questions!  You may do so in the comments here, so that we can all enjoy them, or if you have blogs of your own, please pay this award forward there and link back to this post.  (It’s just good for your karma to do so, and you know it.)

To set a shining example, I will now answer these difficult questions to the best of my ability.  Enjoy.

1.  My third favorite color is emerald green.

2.  What would I rather be?  It’s a very tough choice between a wizard/witch and a Jedi, but I think I’m going to have to go with Jedi Knight.  I once dressed up as one for work — I teach in a high school — for a themed costume day.  The theme was “Come Dressed As What You Want To Be When You Grow Up,” and when I was a kid, Jedi was high on my list.  My costume was awesome.

3.  My favorite Doctor is probably David Tenant because I like his other work.  Sadly, I missed the boat on Doctor Who decades ago and have only a fleeting familiarity with it.  Heresy, I know, and I hope you will all forgive me this severe cultural transgression.

4.  I cannot whistle and am thus an embarrassment to my family and to my species in general.

5.  I would name my child Sirius Albus if his father were Harry Potter.  Beyond that, this is an exclusively theoretical question, so I’ll just say, sure.  Why not.

6.  42.  This one’s almost too easy.  RIP Douglas Adams, you betoweled hoopy frood extraordinaire.

7.  I own a lawnmower in the sense that my husband has one, and what’s his is mine and what’s mine is his. But you’re not likely to see me lay a finger upon said lawnmower, unless it needs to be moved from behind my car before I back out of the driveway because my husband left it there.  Reciprocally, my husband has a collection of absolutely exquisite hats he wouldn’t touch with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. I like to wear them when I go out for tea.

8.  Yup, I sure do.  Please observe this photograph from very shortly before Peter Jackson’s first LotR movie came out, of my darling husband who is as unpansyish as a man can get and still be intellectual and liberal, and of his cat who is no longer with us.  For further evidence of his unpansyishness, see the note about the hats, above.

My cute hubby with his cat Sarah Jane: He looks sort of like Beowulf, don’t you think?

9.  Although there’s a tough competition between this and any of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I think the trashiest thing I’ve read lately must be A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole.  Please feel free to cover it for Trashy Tuesday.  I’m not sure I could do it TT justice myself, although I might blog about it at some point in the future.  I promise, I do read quality stuff, too, most of the time!  In fact, Cole’s book really didn’t have much competition here.

So that’s all!  Have a good week.  Award winners, comment here with your answers and demonstrate just how awesome you are, and how sincerely you deserve this award!

12 thoughts on “Best Commenter Awards

    1. I agree, there is a continuity gaff in that question (or a perceived one, or perhaps it’s a trick question). But Sirius Albus would be just fine, too. You’re just picky because you think you’re a Slytherin. 😉


  1. Cindy

    Mmmmm . . . Nutella. 🙂 Here’s the spread from me:

    1. My third favourite colour is cinnamon.

    2. I would be a witch . . . a really badass witch, with a golden flying pony.

    3. I have no favourite Doctor (unless I’m allowed to count Dr. Seuss, or Dr. Tam). When it comes to Dr. Who, I’m all like, “Dr. WHO??”

    4. I whistle very well, and I do it quite often. My favorite place to whistle is in the first-floor lobby of my office building, where the sound reverberates nicely and carries well. It’s like the effect you get from singing in the shower, only more so, and without the fear of a knife-wielding madman busting in and stabbing you.

    5. No child of mine could possibly be Sirius about much of anything.

    6. The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is, as it happens, my current age. 🙂

    7. I own not one, but two lawnmowers. One of them is an old-fashioned rotary-blade push mower (people-powered, good on grass, but not great for running over even small sticks); the other is a sexy rechargeable electric one. I am rarely allowed to mow, not so much because I’m bad at it or dangerous with lawn implements, but because my husband inherited a strong Midwestern sense of this task belonging to the male of the household. So be it.

    8. I’m not in the habit of using the word “pansy” to describe people. Pansies are very pretty flowers, however. As for Legolas, I’ve noticed that he’s an excellent shot, and a pretty good team player, both of which are A-OK in my book. He’s quite the lightweight, but that’s often an advantage. Also, he’s not “a real man,” but then, as a member of a race that’s superior to men, that’s hardly a drawback either. Conclusion: Legolas can play in my treehouse any time.

    9. The trashiest thing I’ve read in the last year is a brief teaser/excerpt from a novel called “Bear Meets Girl” . . . apparently, there exists a genre for people who have reached adulthood, but never really lost their taste for those awful YA “Animorphs” books. This book is one of a whole series of trashy romance/adventure novels about people who turn into wolves, lions, and bears (oh, my), and are hot like Fabio or J-Lo (naturally) whilst in human form. A web ad for this book was prominently posted on the margins of a site I was reading last week, and the site in question was worthy enough, so I thought, “What the hell? Looks like tongue-in-cheek silliness.” Sadly, though, all I got for my troubles was silliness. Please don’t anyone take one for the team on this, for Trashy Tuesday or any other reason. (Unless your Mom sold your “Animorphs” library in a garage sale before you were ready to let them go . . .)


    1. Brava, Cindy! Wonderful answers! 🙂

      And you are spot-on with the word “pansy.” I admit I was going with the flow on that one, though you displayed the better side of us all. I think I was distracted by the question of whether Legolas was pretty and sort of forgot to answer anything else about him. I wouldn’t kick him out of any quest I had to be on.

      It absolutely cracks me up that you’re not allowed to mow the lawn. 🙂 Bliss!


  2. That’s a fantastic photo of Aaron! Here’s my two bits:

    My third favorite color is black.
    I would definitely rather be a jedi, and my light saber would light up purple.
    My favorite doctor is Anish. Oh, did you mean on TV?
    I can whistle, but not very loudly.
    I think a child named Sirius Albus is likely to get his ass kicked in school, so no.
    The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42 of course!
    Don’t own a lawnmower.
    Legolas held his own in the battle scenes, he’s no pansy.
    I think the trashiest thing I’ve read of late is the Bloggess’s blog.


    1. Awesome, Kara, thank you! And yes, I have to agree that Anish is among my fave doctors, too!

      I think the photo of Aaron is utterly smurfy. You know, in a Viking sort of way. WordPress or Facebook or The Powers That Be chose that photo to be the one that showed up in the link I posted, and I’m pretty sure that’s half the reason why this post has had an immense amount of traffic today!


  3. 1. 3rd favorite color/ chocolate brown
    2. wizard/witch
    3. ?????? I do not have favorites in the medical world
    4. yes I can whistle
    5. No that would be a difficult name for a child to grow up with — hard to pronounce and difficult to spell, which he would always be doing for the adults.
    6. ???????????????
    7. yes and I know how to use it and I have.
    8. Legolas I had to look this one up as I did not read JRR Tolkien but do know that he is an elf featured in Lord of rings and his name means green leaves. Not sure if he’s a pansy or not. depends on how you define “pansy”
    I’m not in favor of using that word to describe anyone.
    9. last book I read was by Kristen Hannah not trashy but a very simple book for traveling…..


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