Horse Punchers? Seriously??

At the moment I’m neck-deep in novel revisions and poem revisions and essay revisions.  I’m also working on a couple of new pieces for this blog that are more substantial but which require more time to craft and hone, and which I hope you’ll enjoy.  The upshot of all of this is that this weekend, instead of putting up something that’s half-baked, I want to shine a spotlight on another blog I follow which is hilarity manifested in e-space.  In other words, I find it funny.  I think you will too.  It’s called The Byronic Man, and today he had some timely commentary about a recent problem in the television industry.  Enjoy!

And don’t forget about the poem contest I mentioned last weekend.  Here’s the deets.

Finally, a little housekeeping note for this blog:  I’ve added an archives page, where you can find links to my old posts.  Just look up at the top of this page at the menu tabs, and you will find it.

Have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t forget to wear green so you won’t get pinched.

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