Another Reading Where You Can Find Yours Truly

Hey there.  For those of you in the Houston area next week, I’ll be participating in a poetry reading on Saturday, February 25th, at Brazos Bookstore.  We go on at 2:00, and there are lots of us reading our poems that were published in Mutabilis Press’ most recent anthology Improbable Worlds.  Should be much fun.  And if I’m not misinformed, other poets reading that day include Tony Hoagland and Hayan Charara (among others).  Come on out; it should be lots of fun!  


Here’s the link to Brazos’ website, in case you need directions or other information.


And here’s the link to Mutabilis Press’ website, in case you want to learn more about their publications or want to order the book but can’t come to the reading.


Finally, here’s a link to my earlier blog post about this particular recent publication of mine.


I hope to see you all there!  🙂


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