Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of my blog subscriber contest:

Meredith R.

Andrea W.

Celeste T.

The names were drawn very objectively from a hat by my husband and two kids.  I was in just as much suspense as all of you…maybe more.

Thank you to all who participated!  🙂  Winners, watch your email for a message from me about your soon-to-be-arriving signed books.

2 thoughts on “Contest Winners Announced

    1. angeliquejamail

      Haha, if only! That would have been funny. 🙂 But no, they were drawn from the closest hat to hand, since it was bathtime-then-storytime-then-bedtime for the kiddos. (We were running behind schedule. Or as my dad’s family likes to put it, running “on Lebanese time.”)

      We used a blue-and-white-striped conductor’s cap from my son’s room. All the name papers just fit without filling it up so that they couldn’t see which folded-up papers they were choosing.


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